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[05 Oct 2006|02:53pm]

this is kind of wierd, but I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get that Turbo song "Confusion" and the PRDT score from DotD to download. THanks a bunch...
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[27 Apr 2004|07:15pm]

80 screencaps from PRWF's "Sing Song." They are just of Princess Shayla and Merrick singing the song. Well, there's like four of the Rangers. When my normal domain gets more space, I will be capping the whole episode!
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HELP ME! [13 Feb 2004|11:52am]

o0ok, my little 2 year old brother's 3rd birthday is coming up, and for some reason unknown to any of us, he is COMPLETELY obsessed with the Power Rangers, Power Rangers Wild Force, Power Rangers in Space, Power Ranger Ninja Storm... the list of goddamn power ranger shows go on and on. Every other word out of his mouth is "POWER RANGER TIME FORCE TIME FORCE {ANOTHER power ranger show haha}" Well I remember when I was young {like 8} I used to watch the orignal but like, I never bought anything from them, and now they aren't popular in the states as much as everywhere else...


IF ANYONE knows ANYWHERE that sells some goddamn Power Ranger little kid's shoes {I went to K-mart and they had one pair but they were a size 1 he needs a 11 :-/ } or any type of Power Ranger clothes PLEASE let me know.. thank you! haha

btw i live in Philadelphia, Pa
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[31 Jan 2004|09:44am]

I have this insane Merrick/Cole slash fic idea in my head....still writing it out on paper, will post it when I get it finished...all I know is it'll be told on both sides...Merrick first and then Cole....

Kwissy...must have more Merrick icons...PLEASE?!
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